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Reaching Out To Students

Host an Event

For more information on hosting a reception on or off-campus, or obtaining a hospitality table for the date of your OCI interviews, please email Laura Flores or call (650) 725-3116.

Hire a first-year law student:

Stanford Law School is small. More so than anywhere else, word of mouth goes a long way. Our students are encouraged to contact one another over the summer to share their experiences, and freely do so as they begin their fall interviewing research. Hiring a first year law student is a great public relations tool for your firm. You now have a rising 2L eager to talk about you and generate a buzz for the coming fall. While we certainly understand the reluctance on the part of many employers, this strategy has proven to be a way for even smaller and mid-sized firms to maintain a consistent pattern of interviewing and hiring at Stanford. Please feel free to contact us to further to discuss this option, explore our options for Spring On-Campus Interviewing or the posting of a job.

Encourage your SLS alumni to get involved:

If you already have an SLS graduate working with you, his or her involvement in the Stanford community can greatly increase student interest in your firm or organization. Has the alum agreed to be part of the career network? Signed up as a public interest mentor? Participated in mock interviews? If not, have them contact our office.

Presentations on a particular practice area/subject:

If you have a particular area of expertise, an interesting case, or just simply a really dynamic speaker, we encourage you to take your presentation directly to the students. You may offer to present to an appropriate student organization, or to one of our student minority groups.

You can also offer to co-sponsor one of their existing programs.

Participation in our programming:

Throughout the year, OCS schedules panels and presentations on a variety of practice areas and career related issues and we're always looking for attorneys to share their expertise and unique perspectives. The programs vary from year to year, but if you have particular areas of focus and would be willing to speak, please contact Laura Flores (650) 725-3116.

Volunteer to conduct mock interviews:

In early December, attorneys from around the Bay Area come to Stanford for one afternoon to give first-year students feedback on their resumes and interview skills. To get involved, please contact Laura Flores (650) 725-3116.

Send a judge for Stanford Law School’s Moot Court competition:

In April, first year students participate in a moot court competition. They are always looking for attorneys to serve as judges. For more information, contact Jeanne Merino at (650) 725-8526.

Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation (SPILF) Auction:

There is the annual auction put on each year in the beginning of March by the Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation (SPILF). It is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to donate items to help fund employment for our students in the public sector. Students, staff, others affiliated with the Law School, and local entities donate everything from weekend getaways, to wine, to memorabilia, to whatever they can think of. It shows both a commitment to public interest work, and to the Stanford community as a whole. Visiting the site will give you donation ideas from last year’s auction, a donation form, and the names of the students to contact if you have any questions.