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Spring OCI

Spring On-Campus Interviewing/Resume Collection Information - Register

Each January the Office of Career Services conducts our “Spring” on-campus interviewing program.

We invite you to participate! You may elect to recruit first-year, second-year, and advanced degree students for summer and post-graduate positions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

2015 Spring OCI & Resume Collection - Calendar of Employer Dates & Deadlines
Jan. 2 Fri. Spring OCI registrations due (initial deadline)
Jan. 5 Mon. Assigned dates available to employers
Jan. 9 Fri. Student bids due for Resume Collection & OCI
Jan.10 Fri. Resumes available to resume collect employers
Jan. 15 Thurs. Schedules/resumes available to OCI employers
Jan. 20  –  23 Tues. - Fri. Spring OCI

Note: There are NO recruiting fees for Spring OCI

Public Relations Interviewing:

Occasionally, employers have interviewed first-year students to market their organization without having any real intention to hire 1Ls. We strongly discourage this practice. Students interview with the belief that positions are available and are, understandably, upset when they discover otherwise. Such "public relations" interviewing often does more harm than good to an employer's reputation.

Interview Assignment Process (OCI Only):

Interviews are allocated to students by computer lottery. Assignments are based on student preferences and availability. The majority of students receive the interviews they request. When an employer's schedule is oversubscribed, the resumes of students on the waitlist are available for viewing with the resumes for the employer's schedule. If a spot on the schedule becomes available, the student next in line on the waitlist will be offered the spot.

Interview Schedules & Student Resumes:

OCI- Schedules and student's resumes will be made available online beginning Thursday, January 15, 2015. We will send out a notification e-mail to all participating employers.

Resume Collection- Students’ resumes and cover letters will be made available online beginning Friday, January 9, 2015. We will send out a notification e-mail to all participating employers.

Transcript/Writing Sample Requests:

For OCI- If an employer requests a writing sample, students will bring it with them to the interview. Grades will also be provided at the time of the interview (if they are available).

For Resume Collection

- If employers wish to request additional materials beyond a resume and cover letter, they should do so by directly contacting the student after review of his/her resume. This includes transcripts.


Schedule Changes/Contacting Students (OCI Only):

Employers may contact students directly through the information included on individual resumes. If you contact a student encouraging him or her to sign-up for your OCI schedule, it is the responsibility of that student to sign-up on-line during the designated manual sign-up period. Students have up until 5:00 PM, January 14, 2015 to add/cancel an interview.

Please note: For schedules that are full, students will be pulled from the waitlist to fill spots as they become available. There will be no open sign-ups.

Please monitor your schedule on Symplicity prior to your scheduled interview date for the most updated information.

If you need to deviate from the schedule in any way (either to extend it, or consolidate it), please contact Melissa Leger, or call our office at (650) 723-3924 as soon as possible.

Interviewer Names:

If you did not report an interviewer name at the time of your initial reservation request, please e-mail Melissa L├ęger as soon as possible so that we may inform our students. Please also indicate if that person is an alumnus/ae of our law school, and if so, in what year he/she graduated.

Interviewers with Special Needs:

Please let us know as soon as possible if an interviewer from your organization has special needs (e.g. a wheelchair accessible room or one not requiring stair climbing for access). We will be happy to accommodate any such special needs, but need to know in advance of the interview date since not all interview rooms are appropriate.

Sending Firm Recruiting Materials for Your Interviewers:

We can accept packaged recruiting materials for your interviewer in advance. Deliveries are not made directly to our office by courier companies, so to ensure there is no delay in delivery to us, please send your materials several days in advance of your interview date and make sure all of the following is posted clearly on all boxes:

Attention: Office of Career Services, Stanford Law School
Employer Name
Hold For: (interviewer name)
Date(s) of Interview Schedule

We are unable to hold, display or ship back materials your interviewers do not use in the course of their interviews. We ask that you please send only enough materials for the students on your schedule, or provide your interviewer with a return label for extra materials.

Maps & Parking:

Directions to Stanford Law School and a map of the campus are available online. If you plan to drive from either the San Francisco or San Jose Airport, please allow yourself at least one hour driving time.

The online directions take you to Parking Structure 6 (PS6). This is an UNDERGROUND parking lot with a field serving as its roof. In Parking Structure 6, visitor parking (marked as “P”) is located on the first floor of the garage.

To pay, please find the yellow machines which accept coins, cash, and credit cards. The machine will issue you a pass to place in the dashboard of your vehicle.

New this year! Use the Parkmobile App to pay for parking. No more waiting in lines at the parking meter! Click here for more details.

NOTE: Parking restrictions are strictly enforced by the Santa Clara County Police Department. The school is not able to reimburse employers for any costs incurred as a result of parking violations. Please also note: there is no need to validate past 4:00pm.

Day of the Interview:

  • Interviewer Check-In:

    Recruiters will receive an e-mail to notify them of where their interviews will take place, along with check-in instructions, directions and parking information. It’s important that all interviewers check in with an OCS staff member in Room 145 so we know they have arrived.

  • Faxes:

    You can make arrangements for outgoing or incoming faxes with Arren Moskowitz in the Copy Center. The phone number is 650 723.2514 and the incoming fax number is 650 723.9902.

  • Internet Access:

    Wifi Internet access is available to you without a login or password. All you have to do is go to your networks and select Stanford Guest.

  • Funding For Public Interest and Government Positions:

    Public interest and government employers who expect students to secure all or part of their summer funding from external sources should make this clear to all interviewees.

After Your On-Campus Interview:

  • Following Up:

    Effective follow-up to your Stanford Law School recruiting visit is important. We have found that law students often measure a potential employer's interest by the quality and timeliness of the follow-up procedures. At the conclusion of each interview, inform the student of the approximate date to expect your response and of subsequent steps to be taken by students who are selected.

  • Callbacks:

    Students and employers must limit interviews (including transportation to and from interviews) to the period outside of scheduled classes.

    When you invite a student to visit your office, please tell the student whether they should make the travel arrangements or whether your office will make them. Please indicate how expenses will be covered and whether or not you will require them to submit a NALP Travel Reimbursement Form. We encourage students to combine several employer visits to save them time and to allow employers to share costs.

    To avoid misunderstandings, please send a letter confirming any arrangements made in your telephone conversations with students. Also, if you agree that the student is to make the travel arrangements with reimbursement from you, they can use the original of the confirmation letter to make travel arrangements on credit with a local travel agency. (They are responsible for either obtaining payment from you to pay the travel agency or paying the agency directly and must do so within 30 days.) As you might guess, students appreciate rapid reimbursement, as delay may cause them financial hardship.

  • Offers:

    We encourage our students to release offers and make decisions in a timely manner. We strongly feel that it greatly benefits both students and employers alike. Our timing guidelines are in accordance with NALP’s guidelines for the timing of offers and decisions.