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Case of Enrique P.*

Sarah Solomon ('15) and Ashlee Pinto ('15) helped to secure an Independent Educational Evaluation ("IEE") for Enrique P.*, a ten-year-old boy who did not begin to speak until he was five years old, to determine his eligibility for special education.

Although Enrique's mother had expressed her concerns about his language skills and lack of academic progress to his school district, the district had refused to evaluate Enrique for a possible disability despite its legal obligation to do so. 

Sarah and Ashlee worked to get an Independent Educational Evaluation - no small feat - which is in progress.  Once complete, YELP will work with the family to assess appropriate next steps with the school district. 

This case provided a valuable opportunity for multidisciplinary collaboration within the Mills Legal Clinic as Enrique's mother is represented by the Immigration Rights Clinic.  The preliminary results of the IEE were an important piece of evidence at his mother's recent immigration hearing, during which she had to prove that extreme hardship would result to her family if she alone were deported.  The judge received the evidence favorably and the Clinic hopes for a positive result that will serve Enrique's significant needs and keep the family united.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.