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Law and Terrorism: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives

Not Offered this year 2015-2016
Last offered in 2010-2011

Terrorism against individuals and states has become a serious challenge for civilized societies at the turn of the 21st century - due to the physical threats it poses on the one hand and the fear that taking extreme measures against its perpetrators will overstep democratic values and infringe human rights on the other hand. The course is dedicated to analyzing the ways legal systems perceive terror and try to fight it. The course uses comparative methods, and in this context evaluates various measures used against terrorists and individuals suspected as being terrorists - focusing on the United States, Canada, England and Israel, but also drawing on the experience of other systems (Germany, India). These measures are evaluated vis-a-vis concepts of human rights as well as international law. Measures discussed include inter alia detentions, the use of physical measures in interrogations, targeted killings of active terrorists, ethnic profiling and more.