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Taxation I

This class teaches the fundamentals of the federal income tax as applied to individuals. It considers what is taxed as income and what is deductible, timing issues, and the taxation of capital gains and losses. The class considers the politics of tax reform as well as fundamental policy issues, such as whether the income tax should be progressive or a flat tax or whether alternative tax systems (like a consumption tax) would be a better way to pay for the federal government. It also considers a variety of issues relating to tax avoidance. Elements Used in Grading: Final Exam

2013-2014 Spring
03/31/2014 - 05/30/2014 Mon ,Tue ,Wed ,Thu 11:10 AM - 12:25 PM at Law95
Instructors: Michael Asimow
Notes: In-class Final.

Instructors for this course

Michael Asimow