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Law and International, Comparative and Area Studies

Course Requirements

Each ICA program has a language requirement intended to ensure that joint degree graduates have the language skills necessary to work in their region.

  • Africa: Students must undertake a full year of training in an African language, resulting in at least intermediate-level proficiency as measured by ACTFL.
  • East Asia: Prior language training in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean is required, with the desired proficiency level determined based on the student's goals upon entering the program.
  • Latin America: Prior working knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese at the university third-year level, and prior experience working, living, or studying in Latin America or Iberia are required.
  • Russia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia: At least three years of college-level study of Russian or another area language (or the equivalent) are required, as well as significant prior course work in basic disciplines for the area, especially history, politics, and literature.

Joint degree programs also require students to take a series of core courses and some overseas immersion is recommended.

In the case of a one-year ICA program, as many as 45 quarter units of approved courses may be counted toward both degrees. In the case of an ICA program that is longer than one year, as many as 54 quarter units of approved courses may be counted toward both degrees. In either case, no more than 31 quarter units of courses that originate outside the law school may count toward the law degree.

Requirements differ slightly between ICA departments, so interested students should confer with both the law school and the ICA department to determine course requirements for their area of interest.