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San Francisco: TCHO Chocolate Factory Tour


March 31, 2012 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Room Offsite

Join us for a private tour of the TCHO chocolate factory to see how they craft the very best chocolate, from bean to bar. TCHO goes beyond fair trade to partner directly with growers. They enable their partners to produce exceptional, flavor-driven cacao so they can make "New American" superior chocolate.

Enjoy PureNotes and explore the pure flavors inherent in cacao beans themselves, nothing added. Taste the hints of red berry in their PureNotes "Fruity" (single origin sourced from Peru), or bright acids like in mandarin oranges in their "Citrus" (from Madagascar), or the deep, hearty richness in their "Chocolatey" (Ghana), or subtlety of roasted nuts in their "Nutty" (Ecuador). Likewise, milk chocolate isn't one flavor either, SeriousMilks explores the caramel notes that come from heating milk and sugar in their "Classic", as well as the underlying chocolate in their "Cacao".

There is a $5 registration fee and space is limited. No walk-ins will be accepted for this event. Please note that children must be 9 or older to go on the tour.

This event has reached capacity. Please contact to be added to the wait list.