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Informing Reproductive Choice? Prenatal Genetic Testing in the 21st Century


May 29, 2012 8:30am - 5:30pm

Room Offsite

    As new technologies transform prenatal testing from a risky procedure to a mere blood draw, the current trickle of prenatal genetic testing will become a flood. At least two companies have introduced non-invasive tests for Down syndrome and a few other conditions in the United States since last October.   More companies, more accuracy, and more conditions are rapidly coming. Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing (NIPT) raises questions about who will pay for this testing, how it will be regulated, and how to ensure patients' informed consent, as well as vexing social issues involving abortion, disability rights, and eugenics.

    On Tuesday, May 29, the Center for Law and the Biosciences will host a broad range of experts - including genetic counselors, ethicists, law professors, and representatives of the NIPT industry, the FDA, and the disability community - to analyze recent developments in the industry, their practical, legal and social implications, and future directions of the prenatal testing revolution.

    Registration Information: The conference is free and open to the public but space is limited. A copy of the preliminary agenda is available here.

    To reserve a spot, please register at

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