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Legal Tech Start-Up Showcase: Government, Citizenship & Privacy


October 4, 2012 12:45pm - 2:00pm

Room 280B

Come and check out the latest in legal tech start-ups! The companies participating at this upcoming CodeX Legal Tech Start-Up Showcase focus on leveraging technology to increase efficiency in legislation, the legal profession and public participation. Lunch will be served.


·         Aaron Greenspan, Founder of Plainsite

PlainSite, a platform that encourages innovation and participation in legislation, social change, and the legal profession, PlainSite was created by Aaron Greenspan and Stanford students Ying Lei and Eric Teasley.

·         Casey Oppenheim, Founder of Disconnect

Disconnect,, makes tools to help users understand and control the data they share on the web. Their products, Disconnect and Collusion, are top-rated browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that stop tracking by third parties and search engines. Disconnect and Collusion are used by more than 850,000 people every week. Casey Oppenheim, who co-founded Disconnect after spending a decade as a startup lawyer and consumer rights advocate, will present.

·         Jason Hegland, Director, Securities Litigation Analytics @ Stanford Law School (SLA)

SLA began as a simple faculty research project, and has transformed into a large-scale data-collection and research effort into the public and private securities enforcement mechanisms. Through the course of research, we have collected data on over 3,000 class action and SEC lawsuits, including information on the types of defendants being sued, the outcomes of the cases and how settlement monies are funded. We are now looking to monetize these data for use by practitioners in plaintiff and defense firms and the D&O insurance industry.

About CodeX

CodeX is a multidisciplinary laboratory operated by Stanford Law School and the Stanford Computer Science Department. CodeX’s mission is to explore ways in which information technology can be used to enhance the quality and efficiency of our legal system while decreasing its cost. Our goal is "legal technology" that empowers all parties in our legal system.

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