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Food Trucks and Economic Liberty


February 19, 2013 12:45pm - 1:55pm

Room 280B

IJ Senior Attorney Bert Gall, named the “Patron Saint of Food Trucks” by the Wall Street Journal, is the director of IJ’s National Street Vending Initiative. He has successfully defended vendors in Atlanta and El Paso who were facing unconstitutional regulations, and is now representing three food-truck owners in Chicago who are facing protectionist regulations that threaten their constitutional right to earn an honest living. He will be discussing whether food truck owners have a constitutional right to make a living, and the constitutional ramifications of government regulations of economic liberty more generally. He will be joined by Matt Geller, the head of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association, and Dan Hugo of the Bay Area Food Truck Association, who will provide commentary. 

Lunch will be provided from a Local Food Truck.