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Rising Power: Stanford Energy China Miniseries


April 15, 2013 4:15pm - 5:15pm

Room Offsite

    Led by the Steyer-Taylor Center's Jeffrey Ball, the China Miniseries is part of the weekly Stanford Energy Seminar, sponsored by the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.

    This exciting series of discussions about China's energy scene will start Monday, April 15, and run on several Monday afternoons over the next two months. Called "Rising Power," it will explore China's energy challenges and their implications for the world, particularly for the U.S. 

    The series, free and open to the public, will focus on how money is moving in China's energy system: who's investing, who's deploying technology, who's making a profit and who's not. You'll find details in the poster below. 
    Most of the Rising Power sessions will take the form of discussions in which Jeff Ball will interview one or two insiders -- corporate executives, investors, policy makers or technologists -- who sit at the center of a particular patch of the China energy landscape.
    April 15 will feature the following topic and guests:

    BETTER BURNING China's Attempt at Cleaner Coal

    David Mohler, Chief Technology Officer, Duke Energy
    Shisen Xu, President, Clean Energy Research Institute, China Huaneng Group


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