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Brazil in the 21st Century


September 13, 2013 8:00am - 5:00pm

Room 290

The Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance and BayBrazil proudly presents The Brazil in the 21st Century.

The Brazil in the 21st Century conference will gather government representatives and private sector leaders to discuss technology, investments, entrepreneurship and the country's role in the global economy.

Massive protests across the country, steep cost of living, currency devaluation and concerns over inflation. 2013 has proven to be a challenging year for Brazilians as much as for foreign investors who once considered the country the darling of all BRIC nations.

Still, Brazil's record level decline in unemployment and its rising middle class with tech-savvy consumers are contributing factors to make the country a top destination for investments in Latin America.

Brazil is the seventh-largest ICT sector in the world; the fifth-largest online market and the fourth-largest mobile phones market in the world. Smartphones users doubled from 9% in 2011 to 18% in 2012 and the country is the number one app developer in Latin America thanks to the nationwide entrepreneurship's boom.

In the last two years, the number of business accelerators jumped from 90 to 400. Players include private investors, the Federal Government, which launched an incentive plan to support startups, and large firms such as Intel and Microsoft which have recently announced investments in R&D and tech labs in different regions.

See the complete agenda and pre-registration details. Event was sold out last year.

Speakers include:

Ambassador Eduardo Prisco Ramos, Consul General of Brazil in SF
Allen Taylor, Endeavor
Anderson Thees, Redpoint
Andy Tsao, Silicon Valley Bank
Avanish Sahai,
Brett Rochkind, General Atlantic
Claudio Joazeiro, Scripps Research Institute
Daniel Dalarossa, ZymiGroup & BayBrazil
Evan Epstein, Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance
Harald Batista, BayBrazil
Fred Aslan, Venrock & BayBrazil
Karl Mehta, Menlo Ventures
Leonardo Faoro, Genentech
Renata Quintini, Felicis Ventures
Rodrigo Velloso, YouTube
Rogerio Manso, Solazyme
Ron Czerny, Playphone & BayBrazil
Ron Piovesan, Mozilla
Rorion Gracie, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, UFC
Subrah Iyar, WebEx, MOXTRA
Roi Carthy, Inicial Capital & TechCrunch contributor
Vicente Silveira, LinkedIn

Video Recordings

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Brazil in the 21st Century |The Brazilian Biotech Industry

Brazil in the 21st Century | Keynote Speaker Subrah Iyar

Brazil in the 21st Century | The Brazilian Investment Market.

Brazil in the 21st Century |The Brazilian Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Brazil in the 21st Century | Todd Chapman, Chief of Mission at U.S. Embassy, Brasilia

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