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Copenhagen: Making Better Decisions: Uncertainty, Risk Taking, and Disruption with Professor Dan Siciliano


September 18, 2014 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Room Offsite

The SLS Scandinavian Chapter and the GSB Alumni Association of Danish Stanford Alums invite you to a talk on Making Better Decisions: Uncertainty, Risk Taking, and Disruption with Professor Dan Siciliano.

Making Better Decisions:  Uncertainty, Risk Taking, and Disruption
After a quick review of the current research on the phenomena of "overconfidence" in executive decision making, Professor Siciliano will discuss how directors, executives, and other professionals can better navigate the difficult terrain of what academics call "decision making under conditions of uncertainty" but everyone else calls "everyday life and the world of business!"  He will discuss new methods for thinking about the disruption risks posed by technology and accelerating rates of change in most competitive business environments.  In addition, he will present a framework for improving the chances of estimating future outcomes with better precision and discuss some strategies for implementing that framework in everyday business negotiations. There will be time for questions and answers.

Silja Reschke and Jørgen Bek Weiss Hansen invite fellow SLS alumni to gather for dinner with Professor Siciliano at one of Copenhagen’s famous New Nordic restaurants immediately following the lecture and reception. The location will be determined based on guest count. Kindly register for the lecture and dinner by August 18.

If you plan on using the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Copenhagen or just need additional information on the city, please have a look at

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