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Giving to Stanford Law School

The Law Fund

Your annual gift to the Law Fund directly supports the law school’s most pressing needs. Gifts can be designated to the general unrestricted fund, or you may choose to invest in a specific program area such as financial aid, the faculty, clinics, the public service and public interest programs, or library resources. The Law Fund provides the necessary and critical support that makes Stanford Law School a leader in legal education.

In 2013, gifts to the Law Fund totaled $4.4M, roughly equivalent to the payout of an $80 million endowment. Without this support, we would be unable to provide students with the unparalleled education that is synonymous with success. Each and every donor makes this possible. Every gift to the Law Fund matters and every dollar counts.

What would you like your gift to support?

Financial Aid

We are committed to creating an outstanding student body by admitting the best and most promising students regardless of financial means. With 78% of students receiving financial aid last year, it’s critical that we maintain strong support for financial aid. A robust financial aid program reflects our first priority: our students.

Faculty Support

The unparalleled faculty at SLS is the foundation of the school’s success. Discretionary funding helps retain our talented professors by supporting their teaching and research, and providing them with the resources to do their best work. We are committed to maintaining one of the lowest student-to-faculty ratios in the nation, currently at 7.6:1. The low ratio is made possible in part due to support from the Law Fund.

Library Resources

The Robert Crown Law Library is a critical resource for legal study and research, for our students and our faculty. The Law Fund supports activities including book acquisition, faculty and course support, and special projects.


The Mills Legal Clinic provides a hands-on learning environment to better prepare students for a career in law. The school boasts 11 clinics in areas including: Criminal Defense, Criminal Prosecution, Environmental Law, Immigrants’ Rights, International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, the Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation, Organizations and Transactions, Religious Liberty, Stanford Community Law, Supreme Court Litigation, and Youth and Education. Stanford’s clinical program is unique in several ways. Students participating in a clinic do not enroll in other classes in that quarter; their cases are their only academic work. In addition, our schedule and collaborative enrollment across the university enables our students to focus their energies on their studies, whether they choose to pursue depth in the law, breadth in a joint degree, or a combination of the two. Today, upwards of 60% of students participate in at least one clinic.

General Law Fund

By making a gift to the general Law Fund, your gift goes toward the area of most immediate need at the school, allowing SLS to be nimble in exploring its innovative curriculum. In 2013, 70% of gifts to the Law Fund were less than $1,000. Together, these gifts provided approximately 6% of the school’s budget, making a tremendous impact on the school and on students.

Public Service and Public Interest Program

The Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Programs is an important resource for all students curious about the world of public service and public interest law. In addition to being a strong advocate for public interest globally, the Center is an advocate for our students interested in pursuing careers in this area, providing mentorships, externships, and career services.