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Ways To Volunteer

Regional Chapters & Alumni Engagement

Law Chapter Chairs
Law Chapter Chairs are ambassadors of Stanford Law School helping keep alumni connected to the school and each other. Chairs are responsible for managing regional programs and events in the established Law Chapter regions. They assist in outreach for events and serve as the event host, often giving the welcoming remarks at events.

Law Chapter Committee
The Committee members assist Law Chapter Chairs in their duties and partially assist with outreach for regional events and programs.

Law Chapter Outreach
Conduct targeted phone and/or email outreach to build attendance for local events.

Venue Host
Provide a venue for an alumni event, can be a law firm, museum, restaurant, house, etc.

Host of an Event
Host the event by contributing to the cost of catering or venue.

Keynote Speaker
Deliver remarks on a timely topic or relevant subject at an event.

Panel Coordinator
Recruit and coordinate the panelists for a program.

Brown Bag Speaker
Speak to a group of alumni and/or students about relevant experience during lunchtime programs.

Assist in marketing and messaging for alumni events and programs, support social media platforms.