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60+ Moments in the History of Stanford Law School

Image of the history wall

When institutions recount their history, they typically highlight landmark dates and standard-setting achievements. In our new exhibit, we take a less conventional approach. Stanford Law School’s history is presented through a sampling of fact, anecdote, and recollection — famous, infamous, and almost forgotten.

We tapped several resources to develop this exhibit content. We combed through our archives. We interviewed a group of long-tenured faculty, staff and alumni for their input and insider knowledge.

The resulting exhibit is “60+ Moments in the History of Stanford Law School.” Though it covers parts of our history from 1893 to present, it is not a timeline but a sampling of moments (some well-known, some little-known) related to SLS’s origins, turning points, impact, innovations, history-makers, heroes, lore and legend.

We are always making history. These are a few of the moments that define us.

To see this exhibit in person, please visit the 1st floor lobby of SLS Crown Quadrangle's F.I.R. Hall (Classroom Building).