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Abolishing Paper

Publication Date: 
March 14, 2007
Stanford Daily
Sam Bhagwat

Professor Morrison and Associate Dean of Student Affairs Catherine Glaze were quoted in this article about CafeScribe, an online product that would allow students to digitalize content of textbooks:

Law Prof. Alan Morrison, who gave Johnson permission to demonstrate the product to a class in the fall of 2005, said that he thought the program’s main benefit for his class would be to enable easier cross-referencing, especially for statutes.

"I prefer for students to look at the rules than to not look at them," Morrison said.

Catherine Glaze, Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the Law School, said that she saw the appeal of the program, recalling her own experience lugging textbooks around.

"If you’ve ever seen the size of law books they’re enormous," Glaze said. "My first week of law school, my backpack broke because the casebooks were so heavy."

Still, Glaze and Morrison expressed skepticism regarding the program's popularity.

"Nobody really picked up on it," Glaze said, noting that Morrison was the only Law School professor to use it. And out of a total of 25 students in Morrison’s class that Johnson demonstrated the program to, Morrison recalled only three adopting it. ...

Glaze was more pessimistic.

"It was a bit too high-tech for me — I like the paper," she said. "It was an intriguing thing, but the time, I don't think, has come yet."