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About 2,000 Petitions Await Supreme Court's Return

Publication Date: 
September 23, 2013
USA Today
Richard Wolf

Professor Jeff Fisher is quoted by USA Today's Richard Wolf on the upcoming SCOTUS term and the role law clerks play in helping choose the cases that will go before the Court. 

The annual glut of appeals that accumulates throughout the summer must be whittled down by the justices' law clerks. Only the strongest cases survive.


About 2,000 plaintiffs hope to get picked Sept. 30 when the Supreme Court meets privately for its first conference of the 2013 term. Less than 1% of them are likely to be rewarded.


"New law clerks know that the way to play it safe is almost always to recommend a denial," says Jeffrey Fisher, who clerked for Associate Justice John Paul Stevens in 1998-99.