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Acquittal Just The Latest In String Of Federal Court Flops

Publication Date: 
June 20, 2012
The Houston Chronicle
Mike Tolson

Professor Robert Weisberg give his explanation on why recent high-profile cases like the Roger Clemens & John Edwards trials have resulted in acquittals with Mike Tolson of the Houston Chronicle.

To no one’s surprise, Roger Clemens walked out of federal court Monday freed from the prospect of a prison sentence. As with the claims that he used performance enhancing drugs to enhance his baseball career, Clemens is far from alone.

A week before, onetime presidential candidate John Edwards was acquitted of improperly using campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair. High-profile acquittals in federal prosecutions have claimed an increasing chunk of media real estate around the country.


"The best explanation for acquittals is lousy case selection by over-ambitious prosecutors who are morally offended by the defendant’s actions and statutes that … are rather broad and vague," said Stanford University law professor Robert Weisberg.