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After Two-Year Fight, Consumer Agency Orders Recall of Buckyballs

Publication Date: 
July 17, 2014
The New York Times
Rachel Abrams

After a two-year fight to get Buckyballs off the market, the Consumer Product Safety Commission put a formal recall of the toy into effect.

Consumers will have a six-month window to apply for refunds for the sets of tiny, powerfully magnetic stacking balls. The refunds will be paid for by Craig Zucker, the former head of Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, which made Buckyballs.


“It remains to be seen whether the C.P.S.C. will adopt this aggressive approach in future cases,” said Nora F. Engstrom, an associate law professor at Stanford. “Was this a one-off response to exceptional circumstances, or is this a new and powerful weapon in C.P.S.C.’s arsenal?”