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An Expert Discusses Prisoner Reentry

Publication Date: 
November 09, 2009
Center for Court Innovation
Rob Wolf

The Center for Court Innovation interviewed Professor Joan Petersilia and produced this podcast:

Will Prison Overcrowding in California Inspire Positive Change?

Joan Petersilia, a law professor at Stanford University who has spent more than 25 years studying the performance of U.S. criminal justice agencies, explains recent court rulings and pending legislation affecting California's overcrowded prisons, what ex-prisoners need to successfully reintegrate into society, and how California's correction system—once a national model—lost its way.

Joan Petersilia has said, "California's prison system is a paradox of excess and deprivation."

JP: "No other state spends more and gets back less in terms of reduced recidivism or reduced crime...California is spending the most and doing the worst."

Full podcast available.