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Answering the Ocean’s SOS

Publication Date: 
June 01, 2008
Stanford Magazine

Lecturer in Law and an Director of the Environmental Law Clinic Meg Caldwell is quoted in a Stanford Magazine article about Stanford biologist Fiorenza Micheli and the new Center for Ocean Solutions:

“The primary mission of the center is to deliver the best science to ocean policy,” says interim director Meg Caldwell, JD ’85, a senior lecturer who heads the Law School’s environmental law program. At a time when both the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and the Pew Oceans Commission have issued reports detailing threats to marine environments, Caldwell says the center will tap the expertise of oceanographers, marine ecologists, marine biologists, chemists, engineers, social scientists, lawyers and conservation psychologists. They will take aim at the complex effects of overfishing, ocean acidification and climate change, among other challenges.