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Apple Not Likely To Be A Loser In The E-Book Legal Fight

Publication Date: 
April 12, 2012
The New York Times - Bits
Nick Wingfield

Professor Mark A. Lemley spoke with Nick Wingfield of the New York Times on the likelihood that Google will continue to fight the legal case filed against it regarding e-book pricing.

If Apple loses the legal case filed against it and book publishers on Wednesday over e-book pricing, will it be deeply wounded in its growing rivalry with Amazon?

Not likely, analysts say.

The Justice Department’s lawsuit against the company and five publishers, three of which settled the case, paints a vivid picture of Apple’s thinking from several years ago about how it could use its entry into electronic books to hurt Amazon, a growing player in digital media and devices with the Kindle. At the time, Apple saw having a competitive e-book offering as a critical element of its strategy for introducing the iPad.


Mark Lemley, a law professor at Stanford specializing in antitrust and intellectual property, said he did not expect Apple to give up easily in the case. “Apple has a history of being fairly aggressive in litigation,” Mr. Lemley said. “There’s some sense in their corporate culture that we’re right.”