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Arizona Is Exhibit 'A' On Need For Clarity

Publication Date: 
January 07, 2008
David SedeƱo

Lecturer in Law Dan Siciliano is quoted in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram commenting on a new Arizona state law that requires Arizona businesses to electronically verify the legal status of all employees:

"Businesses are confused about what they need to do and how to go about doing it," says Dan Siciliano, chief executive officer of LawLogix, a Phoenix-based software company that helps businesses file the employee verification documents. "It's a bit daunting for small- to medium-sized companies, and we're now getting dozens, if not hundreds, of calls now that the law is here."

Siciliano, who also is a professor of law and economics at Stanford University School of Law, says he believes most companies want to comply with the regulations but had hoped that court challenges would have put off enforcement for a while. "If a state makes special rules that apply only to that state on issues of immigration, it will be difficult to determine the impact to that state because they are competing with all the other states economically," he says. "The argument is that some businesses say they will be deterred from operating because it will be more bureaucratic, while others say it will create a [more] level playing field. In the end, I don't think we know which way it's going to go.

"This is why immigration enforcement and regulation needs to be handled by the federal government," he says.