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Attorney Seeks To Overturn Hsu's Fraud Conviction

Publication Date: 
September 22, 2007
San Jose Mercury News
Brandon Bailey

Attorneys for Norman Hsu are seeking dismissal of his 1992 fraud conviction. Professor Robert Weisberg, Director of the Criminal Justice Center, is quoted by the San Jose Mercury News about whether they are likely to succeed:

"If he entered a plea, he has no right to withdraw that plea," said law professor Robert Weisberg, director of Stanford University's Criminal Justice Center. "He can hope the court will be somewhat sympathetic to him, but he's in a weak position."


Weisberg said it would be difficult to prove the agents violated Hsu's rights. Brosnahan's best hope, Weisberg added, may be arguing to a jury that Hsu's statements should be disregarded because of his mental condition.