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Attractive People Paid Better At Work, Get More Attention From Their Bosses: Report

Publication Date: 
July 20, 2010
New York Daily News
Meena Hartenstein

Professor Deborah Rhode’s book “The Beauty Bias” is cited on how the law should intervene to prevent looks-based discrimination:

Don’t hate your beautiful co-workers for being attractive – hate them for making more money than you!

Good-looking people are not only given more attention by their bosses, but they are paid better too, reports Newsweek.

“Handsome men earn, on average, 5 percent more than their less-attractive counterparts,” says the magazine, while attractive women make 4 percent more. And over the course of a good-looking man’s career, he will earn roughly $250,000 more than a comparable, yet unattractive, employee.


Deborah Rhode, a Stanford law professor, thinks Americans are at the mercy of beauty discrimination and wants the law to step in.

Rhode is the author of “The Beauty Bias,” a new book in which she proposes that courts handle looks-based discrimination the same way that discrimination based on gender or race is treated.