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Bar Needs To Be Raised In Patent Revamp

Publication Date: 
September 11, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle
James Temple

Professor Mark Lemley spoke with James Temple of the San Francisco Chronicle about a new patent overhaul bill which he believes "won't fundamentally change the economics of the patent system."

NPR recently commemorated the life of Keith Tantlinger, the mastermind behind the standardized locks and fittings that allow shipping containers to be easily stacked and moved from one port to the next. He died late last month at age 92.

His might not sound like a particularly sexy innovation, but it was a watershed moment in globalization, author and historian Marc Levinson explained on "Talk of the Nation." Suddenly, companies from around the globe could move their wares from truck to boat to truck at any port in the world.


"All of those provisions have been stripped out," said Mark Lemley, a professor at the Stanford Law School. "It won't fundamentally change the economics of the patent system."