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Beyond the First Year

Publication Date: 
November 08, 2006
Inside Higher Ed
Elia Powers

"Inside Higher Ed" features commentary by Dean Larry Kramer and Professor Mark Kelman about proposed second and third year law school curriculum changes

"It’s peculiar to me that schools are still spending all this effort on the first year,” Dean Kramer said. “It’s the one that already works. The thinking is you have to put all your focus into the year where you have the students’ attention. But for some reason, we can’t hold their attention during the second and third year — most likely because it’s more of the same."

Mark G. Kelman, a Stanford law professor and vice dean, said he senses that “there is widespread enthusiasm about the prospect of students having the opportunity to broaden their skill sets, to learn to work collaboratively with non-lawyers, and [to] ensure that they use their last two years as productively as possible.”