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Big L.A. Law Firms Score Low On Diversity Survey

Publication Date: 
October 11, 2007
Los Angeles Times
Henry Weinstein

Professor Michele Landis Dauber is quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about a report released by a group of Stanford Law students, Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession:

Stanford law professor Michele L. Dauber, who supervised the students' research and compilation of the data, said the research "sends a message to America's law firms that is loud and clear: The best law students want to work at the firms where they have a fair chance at promotion and where it is possible to work hard and enjoy a family life. It's about time students collected this kind of basic information about law firms and began to vote with their feet."

Dauber said the students were preparing a book with all the data and rankings and planned to send the material to Fortune 500 companies who use the services of the big law firms, in the hope that this action also will stimulate change in hiring and promotion practices.