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Bush Administration Paves Way For Boys- and Girls-Only Schooling

Publication Date: 
October 24, 2006

"KCBS" quotes Youth and Education Law Project Director and professor William Koski.

"There is some notion out there that girls would be better in a separate environment, because boys are more competitive. They put their hands up in the air or just shout out answers, and girls would be more willing to participate and develop themselves in single sex classrooms," Bill Koski, a professor of clinical education at Stanford Law School, told KCBS anchor Rebecca Corral during an on-air interview Tuesday.

"Similarly, a more recent line of research suggests that boys have different learning styles, and the traditional forms of education are not working for boys, and they might be better off in single sex classrooms, separate from girls," Koski said.

"This has been an issue that's been hotly debated in education research policy and practice," koski said.

"There is this true fear that if we actually start separating boys from girls again, there will be more resources going to boys' classrooms," he said. "And I think anytime we separate on the basis of these kinds of categories, we have to worry about that."