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CA Death Penalty Won't Immediately Resume

Publication Date: 
June 10, 2010
KCBS All News Radio 740 AM
Margie Shafer

Professor Robert Weisberg talks to Margie Shafer of KCBS News Radio about regulatory concerns that are preventing California from resuming capitol punishment:

Capitol punishment has been on hold in California for more than four years, and there will be no executions for at least another three months, as state regulators have rejected proposed new death penalty procedures.

The office of administrative law has rejected the proposed regulations after identifying several passages that conflicted with state law, are unclear, or failed to state the reasons for the new procedures.

"Presumably its concern was that the proposed regulations are either inconsistent with the statutory law, or were not proposed or enacted with the proper procedure," said Stanford law professor, and co-director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center Robert Weisberg.