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Calif. Students, Districts Sue Over Budget Cuts

Publication Date: 
May 20, 2010
Lyanne Melendez

The Youth and Education Law Project (YELP) of the Mills Legal Clinic at Stanford Law School is co-counsel with Bingham McCutchen in Robles-Wong v. California representing individual plaintiffs, including the named plaintiff Maya Robles-Wong. Under the direction of Professor Bill Koski, the Youth and Education Law Project provides Stanford Law students the opportunity to represent youth and families in special education and school discipline matters, community outreach and education, school reform litigation, policy research, and legal advocacy.

KGO-TV ran this three-part coverage on press conferences held in San Francisco and Sacramento. The clips include Bill Koski's statements about the suit:

A major lawsuit was filed could change the way California schools are funded. The suit claims that, while the state sets high standards for education, it fails to fund programs to meet those goals. And it's even worse because of all the budget cuts.

The suit doesn't demand money. Instead it will ask a judge to force state lawmakers to figure out the real cost of educating our students in the 21st century.


William Koski is with the Youth and Education Law Project at Stanford. He's one of the attorneys behind the lawsuit.

"The state needs to figure out how much it costs each kid the opportunity to learn and to achieve success in those standards. That's the constitutional violation," he said.

All the work will be pro-bono.