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Chinese Tighten Grip on Internet Video

Publication Date: 
January 03, 2008
Red Herring
Justin Moresco

Red Herring quotes international law and diplomacy expert Allen Weiner and reports:

The Chinese government last week announced new regulations on the ownership of online video sites and their content, threatening to hobble one of the hottest web-based sectors in the Asian country.

The regulations—issued jointly by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television and the Ministry of Information Industry, go into effect January 31. They will require all online video and audio service providers to be majority state-owned and posses a comprehensive censoring program...


Stanford law professor Allen Weiner expects the Chinese government to enforce the regulations. He said the government has already proven its willingness to block web sites it deems inappropriate and has arrested violators of its censorship laws.

Foreign-owned sites that are popular in China, such as Google’s YouTube, presumably would be affected, too.


Mr. Weiner said foreign companies operating in China will have to comply with national laws.