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Clemens Again Rejects Charges Of Steroid Use

Publication Date: 
February 08, 2008
National Public Radio
Renee Montagne

Professor Robert Weisberg comments on National Public Radio's Morning Edition about Roger Clemens' testimony before a congressional committee. The question is whether the syringes trainer Brian McNamee kept as evidence against Roger Clemens will stand up legally:

Professor ROBERT WEISBERG (Law, Stanford): I think Mr. Hardin is being a little too swaggerish and optimistic here.

GOLDMAN: Stanford law professor Robert Weisberg says the material, in fact, could be valid in the defamation suit Clemens filed against McNamee.

Mr. WEISBERG: If a trial judge decides to hold an extensive investigative hearing to determine A, whether this DNA is really Roger Clemens'; and B, whether the defendants in the lawsuit - namely McNamee - could establish that this is indeed stuff taken from Roger Clemens. Then if those issues check out the judge will admit the evidence.