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Curtain Is Rising On A Tech Premiere With (As Usual) A Mostly Male Cast

Publication Date: 
October 04, 2013
The New York Times - Technology
Claire Cain Miller

Stanford Law fellow Vivek Wadhwa comments on Twitter's decision to go public with an all-male board of directors in a New York Times piece by Claire Cain Miller. 

Twitter’s financial filing for its Wall Street debut was chock-full of juicy tidbits, from the name of its richest founder to a list of its escalating losses. But one revelation was particularly startling: Just a single woman among its top officials.


The board? All white men. The investors? All men. The executive officers? All men but for the general counsel, Vijaya Gadde, who has had the job for five weeks.


“This is the elite arrogance of the Silicon Valley mafia, the Twitter mafia,” said Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance who is writing a book on women in tech. “It’s the same male chauvinistic thinking. The fact that they went to the I.P.O. without a single woman on the board, how dare they?”