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Despite Adjustments, Court Harried In June

Publication Date: 
June 07, 2010
USA Today
Joan Biskupic

Professor Jeffrey Fisher is noted in this article for interviewing retiring U.S. Justice John Paul Stevens on his retirement from the Supreme Court. Fisher also clerked for Justice Stevens:

Supreme Court justices front-loaded their calendar this term, holding more oral arguments in the fall and winter and fewer in the spring, hoping to ease the traditional June crunch.

Yet as some of the justices, including John Paul Stevens, have lamented, they entered June — the usual culmination of their nine-month term — a bit behind schedule. So the June frenzy and what retired Justice David Souter recently called "the quickened pace of decisions" endure.


Stanford University law Professor Jeffrey Fisher asked Stevens at a conference in May how he might feel on the first Monday in October, when his colleagues begin a term without him.

"I really don't know," Stevens said. "I'm mainly concerned about getting the work done by the end of the term. We're a little behind in some of our output."