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Editorial: Senate Should Confirm Kagan, Then Kill Hearings

Publication Date: 
July 14, 2010
The Dallas Morning News

Professor Michael McConnell's support for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is mentioned in The Dallas Morning News:

Now that the Senate Judiciary Committee has completed its review of Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, we know two things:

Committee members should take the next step and vote to confirm her, and it's unfortunate that Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas apparently won't be joining them.

But, man, what a farce this confirmation process has become.

As to whether Kagan, a former Harvard Law School dean, deserves a seat on the Supreme Court, it isn't that we expect to agree with her on every opinion. Rather, we believe she would come to the court with a strong legal background, and she pledges modesty and evenness in her judicial approach.

A number of legal conservatives have lined up behind the former solicitor general, including former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr and Stanford Law School professor Michael McConnell. We doubt they would back a wild-eyed radical out to remake the Constitution.