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Fadi Quran Returns To Campus

Publication Date: 
April 18, 2012
The Stanford Daily
Aaron Sekhri

Professor Allen Weiner is mentioned in the following Stanford Daily article by Aaron Sekhri covering a talk with Fadi Quran, a young Palestinian activist and Stanford University alumus.

Fadi Quran ‘10 returned to campus Monday for the first time since being arrested during a protest in Israel. Quran, a rising leader supporting non-violent protest in the Israel-Palestine conflict, spoke to students alongside U.S. Civil Rights movement lawyer Clarence Jones and international conflict expert Allen Weiner.

“We wanted to regain our rights, our ability to move freely, and to secure justice for ourselves and for our people. We wanted to use nonviolence to challenge the balance of power and bring awareness of the injustice of our situation,” Quran said, noted activist and self-proclaimed “Palestinian Freedom Rider” Monday night.


Joining Quran were Jones, Martin Luther King Jr.’s lawyer and close confidant, and Weiner, co-director of the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation.


Weiner provided a theoretical underpinning to the talk, discussing his work in the field of international conflict, and posited an idea that for the movement to be successful it must “incorporate and engage Israeli voices.”

Weiner praised the activism as “speaking to the Palestinian community and giving agency and power to young Palestinians.” He offered advice to Quran, his former student at Stanford, using empirical research to assert that any movement that brands itself as requiring “justice, and not engaging the goodwill of the opponent” has little chance of success. He concluded with the notion that any peace would have to emerge from arriving at a “mutually-bearable future.”