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Foreign Students Get A Leg Up On Language And Culture At Stanford.

Publication Date: 
September 12, 2012
Stanford Report
Camille Brown

Professor Hank Greely is mentioned in this Stanford Report article by Camille Brown for his recent participation in a summer lecture series held at Stanford University.

The international students who attend Stanford University's summer language courses know that communication is essential to effective scholarship.

Some are graduate students who want to be able to clearly communicate their research in English. Others are undergraduates who want to excel in the English-speaking universities they already attend. The participating high school students typically plan to submit applications to American universities and need to do so in English.


Both the undergraduate and graduate summer programs include two lecture series: one that focuses on academic research and another that centers on cultural practices. This year the academic series included such speakers as law Lecturer Jonathan Greenberg, who discussed the concept of national identity, and Associate Professor of communication Jeremy Bailenson, who discussed new concepts in human-computer interaction. Law Professor Hank Greely explored the technical and ethical issues pertaining to the restoration of extinct species; business Professor Baba Shiv shared his thoughts on how emotion and motivation affect rational decision-making.