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Former Cal Linebacker Scott Fujita Talks NFL Lockout

Publication Date: 
May 05, 2011
Daily Californian
Ed Yevelev

Professor William B. Gould is mentioned in this article by Ed Yevelev of the Daily Californian for his role in trying to untangle the messy NFL labor disbute.

The 32-year-old Cleveland Browns linebacker, NFLPA member, and former Golden Bear has smarting knees, an aching back, and chronic neck problems which he is not afraid to talk about. But worst of all, he has a pesky cadre of NFL owners steadfast in opposing his former union's stance.

On Wednesday, in an event put on by the UC-Berkeley Labor Center, a three man panel called "LOCKOUT: Dynamics of Collective Bargaining in Professional Sports" took place in the Club Room at Haas Pavilion. The event was meant to explicate the protracted labor negotiations between the NFL’s owners and players which, at the moment, are in a full-blown lockout waiting on litigation to play out.

Fujita did his best to untangle the messy labor dispute with his fellow panelists Peter Olney, the organizing director of the ILWU, and Professor William B. Gould IV of Stanford Law.


After Professor Gould waded through the Byzantine waters of labor and anti-trust law, Fujita embarked on a story about a former New Orleans Saints teammate who, at 33 years-old, was diagnosed with ALS. To Fujita, this dispute is more about "brotherhood" than money. Indeed, the issue which he says is “non-negotiable” is not the $1 billion the owners are asking for, but improving health and safety for the players.


Yet, in a world where athletes make inane comments about slavery and Osama Bin Laden, to hear Fujita’s lucid, pro-labor acumen was refreshing. Far from a battle between billionaires and millionaires, like President Obama has painted the dispute, Fujita and Gould made a compelling argument for the players’ legitimate concerns.