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Google's New Privacy Policy Means More Sharing

Publication Date: 
January 26, 2012
Marketplace Tech
John Moe

Director of Privacy and Robotics at the Center for Internet and Society Ryan Calo spoke with John Moe of Marketplace Tech on the recent changes made to Google's privacy policy.

Google is changing its approach to how it treats the information it gathers from you. The result of the change will likely be that Google knows a lot more about you than it used to.

Traditionally, Google has had separate privacy policies and separate terms of service for each site it operates. YouTube has one agreement, Google News might use another, Google+ something else. The idea behind the new privacy policy is that it will cover all of Google. That will mean the different parts of Google will be free to use information about you with each other.


But at the same time Google is pooling its information about you, its giving you a little more control over what that information says. "One good thing about Google combining all of its many privacy policies into just a handful is that it surfaces really helpful innovative tools that allow users to sort of see what's going on for themselves," says Ryan Calo of Stanford's Center for Internet & Society.