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How Will Marriage Ruling Affect Chief's Legacy?

Publication Date: 
May 19, 2008
Daily Journal
John Roemer

Professor Jan Schacter is quoted in a Daily Journal article about the recent California Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and how it will affect Chief Justice Ronald George:

Jane Schacter, an authority on sexual orientation and the law who teaches at Stanford Law School, agreed Californians will get a preview of George's retention prospects in the fate of the marriage amendment this fall.

"There are still strong feelings [against gay rights] among segments of the population," Schacter said. "We have seen backlashes. But the trend is steadily if slowly in the direction of more tolerance and acceptance."

As for George's stature following his marriage opinion, Schacter believes it grew.

"The opinion was courageous," she said. "It will secure his place in the history of the California Supreme Court. There were escape hatches he could have used, such as tossing the issue to the legislature, and he rejected them. He faced the question head on and answered it."