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ICE Officials Move To Deport Scottish Vietnam Vet

Publication Date: 
October 08, 2009

Professor Jayashri Srikantiah, an expert in immigration law, is quoted in this story about a Scottish Bay Area war veteran with a criminal record, who is in the process of being deported:


Immigration officials are in the process of deporting a Bay Area war veteran, but before they do, the man's friends are trying to rally support.

Immigration officials confirmed that Roger Simmie is in custody at the Santa Clara County Jail. His friends told KTVU he is a Vietnam War vet. They don't believe he should be deported.


"A lawful permanent resident, a green card holder who has lived in this country for almost his whole life who might have come here as a small child, can still be placed in deportation proceedings based on criminal convictions," explained Jayashri Srikantiah, an Associate Professor at Stanford University Law School and the Director of the school’s Immigration Law Center.

Srikantiah also said military service does not always carry weight.

"It comes as a surprise to the public often that somebody who has service to the military who's been in the country for almost their whole lives can still be deported,” said Srikantiah.