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ILO To Name, Shame Cambodian Garment Factories

Publication Date: 
September 30, 2013
Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle reports that the UN'S ILO will make more concerted efforts to improve working conditions in Cambodia following a report issued by the Stanford Law School International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic. 

From January, the UN's ILO will resume naming garment factories that fail to meet minimum demands of Cambodian law. That follows years of declining working conditions in what is regarded abroad as a model industry.


The decision follows a scathing report in February from Stanford Law School that looked at the ILO's 12-year-old assessment programme known as Better Factories Cambodia (BFC). Stanford's report, titled "Monitoring in the Dark," found conditions have worsened in recent years and that workers now earn less in real terms than a decade ago.


Much of the success was due to the carrot and stick approach under the US trade preferences deal, which tied increases in quotas to improved working conditions. BFC monitored the factories and, the authors of the Stanford report said, its approach largely worked.

"During its early years, BFC played a significant role in the promotion of labour rights in Cambodia, particularly in the expansion of space for workers' exercise of freedom of association," the Stanford report noted.