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Intellectual Property

Publication Date: 
December 05, 2007
Technology Daily

Associate Director of the Fair Use Project Julie Ahrens is quoted in Technology Daily about defending the publisher of a Harry Potter reference book against a lawsuit filed by J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros.:

A "fair use" advocacy group said on Tuesday that it will join a lawsuit to help defend an independent publisher's right to print an unofficial reference guide to the popular "Harry Potter" novel series. The Fair Use Project of Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society will be co-counsel in the suit filed Oct. 31 against Michigan-based RDR Books by Warner Bros. and "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, which claim that the forthcoming book based on the online Harry Potter Lexicon violates copyright and trademark law. "The public has long enjoyed the right to create reference guides that discuss literary works, comment on them, and make them more accessible," said co-counsel Julie Ahrens, associate director of the Fair Use Project. "Fair use protects scholars' rights to create such companion guides." The suit claims that the reference guide infringes on Rowling's ability to publish her own companion book.