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iPad App Makes Kids Books Interactive

Publication Date: 
October 19, 2010
Daily Variety
David S. Cohen and Rachel Abrams

Professor Paul Goldstein is quoted in the Daily Variety on the the new market of interactive books made possible by a new iPad application. Here is the story:

Coming to Apple's App Store next month are iPad apps that are a cross between an e-book and animation. While dazzling to consumers, these new forms of multimedia entertainment are creating new challengers for dealmakers.

Using software by Los Angeles-based Auryn, the apps turn children's books into e-books, with their original illustrations put into motion as animation.

These apps keep the original text but add interactive elements and moving illustrations. The result is more animated than an e-book and more interactive than a cartoon.


In decades past, "Nobody knew about this market," said Stanford U. law professor Paul Goldstein, an expert on intellectual property law.

Goldstein said that while the rule of thumb is that the author retains any rights not specifically given up, that's not always the case.

"In all cases, you have to figure out whether the person you're negotiating with has rights that encompass what you're planning to do," he said. If digital rights didn't transfer to the publisher, Goldstein explained, the publisher must find the original author/illustrator, or the successor, and hope that person still has them.