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Judge Orders Man Freed In A Three-Strikes Case

Publication Date: 
August 16, 2010
The New York Times
Rebecca Cathcart

Lecturer Michael Romano is quoted in the New York Times on the work of Stanford Law students, who worked with the Stanford Three Strikes Project of the Mills Legal Clinic, to have Gregory Taylor released from prison. Under California's three strikes law, Taylor was sentenced to 25 years to life for breaking into a church kitchen. Stanford's Three Strikes Project represents defendants charged under the Three Strikes law with minor, non-violent felonies. Rebecca Cathcart reports:

A judge here ordered the release Monday of Gregory Taylor, who was serving a near life sentence under the state’s three-strikes law for trying to break into a soup kitchen 13 years ago.

The case has been widely cited by those pushing to change the law, including civil rights activists and the Los Angeles district attorney, as an example of the kind of heavy-handed sentencing it can lead to.


Mr. Taylor, 48, is one of 14 California inmates who have been resentenced since students working on the Three Strikes Project at the Criminal Defense Clinic at Stanford Law School began reviewing cases in 2007, said Michael Romano, a law professor who helped found the clinic.