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Justices' Cerebral Combativeness On Display

Publication Date: 
April 02, 2012
The New York Times
Adam Liptak

Professor Thomas Goldstein spoke with the New York Time's Adam Liptak about the recent Health Care arguments before the Supreme Court and how the justices are "quite willing to flex the muscles of judicial review."

The Supreme Court is usually the most remote and mysterious branch of American government. Not last week.

Over three days of intense arguments on the future of President Obama’s health care law, the public got a vivid glimpse of an institution at once immensely powerful and intensely human, one packed with brainy, funny and assertive justices prepared to confront and decide the most urgent issues of the day.


It can seem that the court is prepared to decide every major controversy in American life. “They are quite willing to flex the muscles of judicial review,” Thomas C. Goldstein, a Washington lawyer and the publisher of the Web site Scotusblog, said of the justices.