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Justices To Hear Cases On Cellphone Searches

Publication Date: 
January 18, 2014
Chicago Tribune
David G. Savage

Professor Jeffrey Fisher comments on the importance of the upcoming Supreme Court hearing in Riley v. California regarding warrantless cellphones searches by police in The Chicago Tribune. 

The Supreme Court set the stage for an important Fourth Amendment ruling Friday, announcing it will decide in this term whether police may inspect a suspect’s cellphone without a search warrant when they make an arrest.

Courts in California and Massachusetts have split on the issue, and the justices agreed to hear cases from both states to decide the issue.


Stanford Law School professor Jeffrey Fisher, who represents Riley, said in court papers that it was important for the justices to decide the issue.

”In light of the frequency with which people are arrested with cellphones and the judiciary’s confusion over whether the police may search the digital contents of those phones, this court’s intervention is critical,” Fisher said.