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Publication Date: 
August 24, 2009
KCBS 740 AM & 106.9 FM News
Jan Ziff

Stanford Criminal Justice Center Co-director Joan Petersilia appeared on KCBS radio to discuss prison reform in California. The program summary is:

State Assembly back in session this morning trying to deal with prison reform. This is part of that big deal to balance the state budget but as KCBS' Holly Kwan tells us in this live report from our newsroom the bill that the State Assembly is looking at today does not look anything like the governor's original plan. This is a watered down version of what the governor was looking for. That plan was to save a billion dollars by cutting twenty seven thousand prisoners in the next year by sending some of the sick and elderly home and reducing some crimes like bad check writing to lesser offenses that don't require time behind bars. But Republicans are against it and so are some Democrats who don't want to be seen as soft on crime. Instead up for assembly debate today is a bill that eliminates both the early release portion and the reclassification of crimes. Stanford professor Joan Petersilia is co-director of the university's Criminal Justice Center and an adviser to the governor. She expects some reforms to pass today....